Welcome to my Times of Rhyme

Welcome to my times of rhyme blogspot. I have over the years written many poems, many of which have been published in various books and in various countries. In my times of rhyme I like to write poetry and so now I wish to share with you some of my works when I indulge myself in Times of Rhyme! Enjoy!!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

On the Brink of Glory

I'm on the brink of glory,
Of meeting My Lord-
learning his whole story.
I'm on the brink of glory
and he knows my story.
I've tried, lied and cried
But Jesus, my Savior, died
So that we can't be denied
Proclaiming the amazing feeling
Of how it's totally fulfilling
To be on the brink of glory
With Jesus' hand in mine!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

This Isn't Goodbye

This Isn't Goodbye

Only eighteen -
Why take you away?
God sent you to us -
To brighten our days.

But then he felt your pain,
And heard your plea -
So he whispered in the wind,
Child, come home to me.”

Your plea for help,
His whisper in the night -
Love poured from above,
And your soul took flight.

Your precious eyes closed,
Your cries were stilled.
A vacant spot in Heaven,
Was wondrously filled.

The angels did sing,
A loving tune,
While here we cried -
God, it's too soon.”

Yet within we know,
God's promise is true -
We'll be together again,
When this life is through.

So as Heaven rejoices,
And your spirit rides high,
Know always, we love you,
And, this isn't Goodbye.

  • Deborah J Coster
  • published 1999 and 2000
(This was written in 1998 to my nephew Earl Gene Coster whom we lost a month after he had turned 18)
Earl was a depressed teenager, we lost him to bipolar depression and teen suicide.  If you know a teenager who is depressed, please find them help, talk to them, reach out to them. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I see you in the mists of my dreams,
You're always right there.
Even if you can't be with us daily,
Each and every night we share.

Your faces seem faint -
Somewhat of a blur.
But it's definitely you -
That, I'm very sure.

We never meet eye to eye,
A painful fact, upon which I dwell.
But within the realms of dreamland,
We know each other very well.

Once you were here with us,
Before that life did end -
I know we'll finally meet again
I just don't know when.

So for now, my Dear Sweet Babies,
I'll see you every night.
I love you My Precious Ones -
And I'll see you again in God's light.

by:   Deborah J Coster   (that's  Just Me Granny D)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ole Tom

I posted the poem Ole Tom and a video on one of my other blog sites.  Check it out -

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


A change is needed
in our perception
Of God's true
life conception.
Life isn't about
perfection -
That's Satan's
clever deception.
Life is having
a real connection
To God -
with clear reception.
Afterall, are not
Just bigoted

by  Deborah j Coster  (that's  Just Me Granny D)


Just Me Granny D


- an abstract concept
or a realistic goal?
Ask any amongst us
who've suffered hatred's toll.
Is it possible to find
a place to dwell,
where peace is prevalent
instead of war's hell?
The first place to search
is within one's heart -
if you find love not hatred
you've made a good start.
We know within our souls,
peace is only found
where mutual respect
and God's love abound.
So let love and respect
shine from your soul;
and life's hatred problems
will stop claiming their toll.

 by   Deborah J Coster  (that's Just Me Granny D)


Just Me Granny D

Harden My Heart, O Lord!

Harden my heart, O Lord,
That I may truly experience
the miraculous wonder
of they blessings.
For my heart is so soft,
and is aching with
the pain and torment
which surrounds me.
Such suffering and loss
overpowers my senses
and malignantly seeps
through to my soul.

Embrace my heart, O Lord
let my spirit soar
with wonder and love
and see past today
to the miraculous end.
Keep me ever mindful
each of us learn
and grow through our
trials and tribulations.
I know we must tread
through turmoil, to reach
peace at the end.

Protect my heart, O Lord,
that the harshness of life
does not diminish the value
I place on the many
blessings bestowed upon me.
Allow me to see and feel
the joys and the love
thy blessings do intend.
Don't let me get mired down
in the pits of depression.
Allow your love to shine
through me to help others.


by  Deborah J Coster  ( that's Just Me Granny D)